How to Use Unknown Tricks and Tips of Windows 8?

Windows 8 is extremely customized version of the past operating system and mostly people don’t aware from the methods of improving and enhancing the use of windows. Still we people are not much familiar with the shortcuts, tricks and tips. Use of some tips and tricks make the purpose and use of operating system smooth, impressive, acceptable and appropriate. Windows 8 has some unknown techniques like saving the screen shots, preventing files from automat maintenance and from bypassing the lock screen.
Windows 8 have some extra unseen and secret options and keyboard shortcuts which make the use and work in in it easier and effective. In this article we will learn about these tweaks and tricks which we probably don’t know.

Unknown Tricks and Tips:

  • Disable lock Screen:  For lock, restart and log out from the PC, windows 8 provides the lock screen, appearance of this screen is awesome but for the method of login it needs some keystrokes. We can completely disable the lock screen.

Windows 8 Lock Screen

  • This command is exist in Group Policy Editor, to avail it, Enter>gpedit.msc at right of the start screen and Press> Enter from keyboard

Windows 8 Group Policy Editor

  • Local Group Policy Editor Dialog box will open.
  • Go to>Computer Configuration >Administrative template >Control Panel > Personalization.

Windows 8 Local Group Policy Editor Dialog box

  • Do not display lock screen dialog box will appear.
  • Make >Double click on the first upper option and then Select Radio button of > Enabled.
  • Click> OK button.

Windows 8 lock screen dialog box

  • Now restart our computer, a login screen will appear rather than lock screen.

Windows 8 login screen

  • Take and Save Screenshots Instantly:  windows 8 introduce the new feature of screenshots. We can take the screenshot of our current screen and save it as an image.
    • For taking the screenshot, we have to press Windows key and as well as Print Screen key. Our screen will flash and windows save it as a screenshot in folder of pictures.

Take and Save Screenshots Instantly

  • Customize Search Application:With the help of Search feature Metro Apps can view as Options. We can handle the apps and arrange the list.
    •  Click anywhere on the system for the Settings charm

Windows 8 Customize Search Application

  •  A pane will appear, Go to > More PC settings option.

Windows 8 More PC settings option

  • From PC setting window, Select > Search from left side of pane. To hide the apps from the search screen we have to utilize sliders.


Windows 8 search-apps

  • Display Administrative Tools:Windows 8 does not show on the Start Screen the tiles of Computer Management, Event Viewer and other Administrative tools. If we regularly use these applications, we can unhide them.
    • For Viewing the charms press > Windows Key + C from keyboard.
    • Under the Start charm Click> Settings option.

Windows 8 Admin-tools

  • Start Settings pane will appear.
  • Take the Administrative tool slider to Yes.

Windows 8 Admin Tool

  • In All Apps list, Administrative tools will appear in it.

Windows 8 Tips and tricks Admin Tool

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