How to Use Unknown Mouse Tricks in Windows 8?

In Windows 8 we use those tricks of mouse which we probably don’t know but these tricks make our work easier and more convenient. Mostly mouse is consists on left, right buttons and a wheel which helps to scroll but senor is also used in some mouse’s structure. In Windows with the help of mouse we can do some operations like drag, right-click, and point out and double click. But there are also some unique and advanced operations which are dome by mouse like chose different parts in text, show hidden stuff, select text in format of column and open the new tabs in browsers.
By this article we will able to know the unknown tricks of mouse in Windows, here these tips

Unknown Mouse Tricks In Windows 8:

  • Dragging with Right Mouse button:

By default Windows has and ability to move files from one location to another but with use of right mouse button it gives us many options. This function permits us to make copies and shortcuts of files and folder quickly and easily without any jump.

Unknown Mouse Tricks In Windows 8


  • Select Text Column Wise:

Text is easily selected by the horizontal selection but sometimes we want to select a piece of text which needs vertical selection as like columns, this option is done in the applications of Microsoft Office, Press Alt key from keyboard and then drag the mouse until we reach to desired textWindows 8 Select Text Column Wise

  • Select Different Chunks of Text:

This operation is used when we want to gather strong information from text. We can apply this command in Microsoft Word’s text or when we want to choose some positive entries from the long list. To do this Press Ctrl key from keyboard and dag cursor to the desired text.

Windows 8 Select Different Chunks of Text

  • Accessing Hidden Windows Explorer Options:

This operation is used when we want to show the hidden options related to any file or folder. To do this Press Shift key from keyboard and make Right click on the particular file or folder. We will be able to see a lot of new items like Send to etc.

Accessing Hidden Windows Explorer Options

  • Open and Close tabs with Middle Mouse button:

This option is last but not the least. We can use middle button by beat to open the particular links in the browser.


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