How to Use Shortcut Keys in Windows 8?

Microsoft offered latest version of Operating System that is Windows 8 which is usable by the tablet and Personal Computer. User interface of Window is basically touch based but it also provides the feature of Shortcut keys to PC users, which makes the work easier. We can operate this window faster by using these shortcut keys. If we remember some of keys then it will be useful for us. In Windows 8 shortcut key always start from the Window key with the conjunction of any Alphabet or Symbol from the keyboard.
With the help of this article, we will able to know Shortcut keys of Window 8 which makes our work faster and easier in less time.


Shortcut Keys of Window 8:

Shortcut Keys Description
Windows key + Tab Use to open Apps List from the left of screen.
Windows key + C For Charm menu opening at the right side
Windows key + I Open Settings
Windows key Go to Window Start Menu.
Windows key + Spacebar Use to Switch to Input Language
Windows key + Comma Show Desktop for a short while


Windows key + Shift + Full stop Lock the present app to Left, right and center of screen
Windows key + M Go to Back of the desktop
Windows key + Q Use to open Search panel
Windows key + Enter Open narrator which show us the tips.
Windows key + Z For opening application in application’s bar
Windows key + F Go for File Search panel
Windows key + M Minimizing all open windows.
Windows key + E Open Explorer
Windows key + H Open charm menu of Share
Alt+ P Show/hide the preview pane
Alt + Enter Use to open the Window properties of present selection
Alt + D Move focus to address bar
Windows key + L Lock the computer.


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