How to Use Shortcut Keys in Outlook 2013?

Shortcut keys are very helpful in operating and using Computer Applications. For efficient working in less time it is very easiest and fastest method. With the help of Keyboard we can do our work in a Professional way. Shortcut keys are the mixture of Alt, Shift, and Ctrl command with the conjunction of single letter or any symbol.
Outlook 2013 provides us different shortcut keys. Using these keys we can easily complete our tasks. Rather than to use mouse we can move, copy, attach, send and categorize our mails by keyboard shortcuts that is quick and accurate method without wasting a lot of time.

Below the list of Shortcut keys which are commonly used in Outlook for the mails process.

 Shortcut Keys in Outlook 2013

Shortcut Keys:

Keyboard Shortcuts Description
Ctrl + Period Use for Next message ( message open)


Ctrl + Comma Switch to Previous message. ( message open with)


Shift + Tab Use to move between navigation pane, like Outlook main window, To-Do bar etc
Ctrl + Tab For Showing Open message.
Ctrl + Y Move to Various folders.


F3 Or Ctrl + E Use for Search box.


Ctrl + Shift + I Go to Inbox
Ctrl + Shift + O Switch to Outbox.


Ctrl + K For Checking names.
Alt + S For Send command
Ctrl + R Use for Reply a message
Ctrl + Shift + R Reply for all message.
Ctrl + Alt + R Used to Reply for a meeting.
Ctrl + Alt + J For marking a message not as junk
Ctrl + Shift + I Show the blocked content in message
Ctrl + Shift + S Use for Post a folder.
Ctrl + Shift + N Apply Normal style.
Ctrl + M Or F9 Check for new Messages.
Ctrl + O Open received message.
Ctrl + Q Mark as Read message.
Ctrl + Shift + B Open Address book.



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