How to Make Our Windows 8 Computer Logon Automatically?

Windows 8 brings the feature for the users to logon the PC automatically. In the past era, when a single user logon in Windows it simply means that switch on the computer. In the early age there were many ways to show the login screen forcing but that was the common system but in Windows 8 login screen is easily seen by the user.
Sometimes we want that we don’t enter password while Windows start, it is possible in this advanced Operating system but have a fear of losing data. This option is useful and suitable for single handed user of PC not for the multi-users.  With the help of this feature we are able to logon automatically in Windows instead of entering password every time when Windows starts.

For do this, follow the given below instructions

Logon Automatically:

  • Press Windows Key+ R from keyboard for opening the dialog box of Run.
  • Enter>netplwiz in the edit box and Click> OK button.

Windows 8 Logon Automatically

  • User Account dialog box will appear, this will show the list of users.
  • Choose > from the list our user account.

Windows 8 User Account

  • Uncheck the command of > User must enter the user name and password to use this computer.

Windows 8 Uncheck Command

  • This trigger take us to dialog box of > Automatically Sign In.
  • Now we type Password and Confirm Password in the edit boxes of both.
  • Go to> OK command.

Windows 8 Auto Sign In

  • For closing the dialog box of User Accounts again Select> OK button.

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