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How to Turn Off or Disable the SmartScreen Filters in Windows 8?


Smart Screen Filters in Windows 8 one of useful feature which warn and alert us when we open any downloaded file from internet which is probably dangerous for our PC. This feature gives us extra security and protection but when we get frequently those warnings we will be annoying.   The warning box of SmartScreen [...]

How to Reset or Refresh Windows 8 without DVD?


Microsoft offers two impressive and effective aspects in Windows 8 those are Reset and Refresh PC. Both new features give us benefit in solving the Windows matters by refreshing of settings and resetting everything. By deletion of data and built-in apps, these features permit us to set original settings or factor settings of our Windows [...]

How to Organize Tiles into groups on the Metro Start Screen in Windows 8?


Windows 8 has the ability to organize the tiles in groups when a lot of applications installed from store, and we download our favorite programs. These installed items appear as tile and pin in Metro Start Screen and create mess overall. This creates difficulty for user and don’t understand which tile belong s to particular [...]

How to Make the Font of Title Bars Bigger in Windows 8?


Windows 8 facilitate users with many features to modify the settings of desktop or display screen but using this operating system we can easily customize the title bars of our PC applications. Title bars consists on text which is located at the top of open Window and describe that which apps windows open right now. [...]

How to Use Unknown Mouse Tricks in Windows 8?


In Windows 8 we use those tricks of mouse which we probably don’t know but these tricks make our work easier and more convenient. Mostly mouse is consists on left, right buttons and a wheel which helps to scroll but senor is also used in some mouse’s structure. In Windows with the help of mouse [...]

How to Make Our Windows 8 Computer Logon Automatically?


Windows 8 brings the feature for the users to logon the PC automatically. In the past era, when a single user logon in Windows it simply means that switch on the computer. In the early age there were many ways to show the login screen forcing but that was the common system but in Windows [...]

How to Disable the Lock Screen in Windows 8?


Microsoft introduces the most recent version of the user friendly Operating system that is Windows 8 and many people use it. This operating system has an attractive interface and easy language which is understandable by the user. Moreover Microsoft also facilitates the user with security characteristics but there is also a chance of risk in [...]

How to Use Unknown Tricks and Tips of Windows 8?


Windows 8 is extremely customized version of the past operating system and mostly people don’t aware from the methods of improving and enhancing the use of windows. Still we people are not much familiar with the shortcuts, tricks and tips. Use of some tips and tricks make the purpose and use of operating system smooth, [...]

How to Use Shortcut Keys in Windows 8?


Microsoft offered latest version of Operating System that is Windows 8 which is usable by the tablet and Personal Computer. User interface of Window is basically touch based but it also provides the feature of Shortcut keys to PC users, which makes the work easier. We can operate this window faster by using these shortcut [...]

How to Uninstall a Program in Windows 8?


Windows 8 facilitate user with the feature of add and uninstall the programs which helps us in that way when we want to change the program. If we don’t use any program and want space in our hard disk we can uninstall it. For uninstalling and change the composition of the program we use the [...]


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