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How to Use Unknown Tricks and Tips of Windows 8?


Windows 8 is extremely customized version of the past operating system and mostly people don’t aware from the methods of improving and enhancing the use of windows. Still we people are not much familiar with the shortcuts, tricks and tips. Use of some tips and tricks make the purpose and use of operating system smooth, [...]

How to Use Shortcut Keys in Windows 8?


Microsoft offered latest version of Operating System that is Windows 8 which is usable by the tablet and Personal Computer. User interface of Window is basically touch based but it also provides the feature of Shortcut keys to PC users, which makes the work easier. We can operate this window faster by using these shortcut [...]

How to Uninstall a Program in Windows 8?


Windows 8 facilitate user with the feature of add and uninstall the programs which helps us in that way when we want to change the program. If we don’t use any program and want space in our hard disk we can uninstall it. For uninstalling and change the composition of the program we use the [...]

How to Customize Start Screen of Windows 8?


Microsoft provides appropriate scope of Start screen personification facilities in the original version of windows 8. It also brings us a new user interface which comprises on tiles not on icons. The tiles can shows us actual information such as current weather, forthcoming appointments and unread messages or mails but it describes numerous methods of [...]

Cisco CCNA IOS Shortcut Keys

Cisco CCNA IOS Shortcut Keys

Computer Tips Presented “Cisco CCNA IOS Shortcut Keys”..   Ctrl+P (or up arrow): To Display the Last Command Entered.  

How to Use Shortcut Keys in Outlook 2013?

Shortcut Keys in Outlook 2013

Shortcut keys are very helpful in operating and using Computer Applications. For efficient working in less time it is very easiest and fastest method. With the help of Keyboard we can do our work in a Professional way. Shortcut keys are the mixture of Alt, Shift, and Ctrl command with the conjunction of single letter [...]

How to Send an Entire Folder of Files as Attachment in Outlook 2013?


Outlook 2013 is an application launched by Microsoft which is used for communication with others by sending and receiving mails. Other than sending and receiving messages sometimes we need to attach some other documents which we made in other applications. Outlook facilitate user to send messages with attachments.   E-mailing attachment is best and effective [...]

How to Change Default Address book in Outlook 2013?


Microsoft Outlook 2013 is used for sending and receiving mails. For the conversation with others we have the other person contact information which includes their names and e-mail addresses. For maintaining this data outlook provide the facility of Address book in which we store related contact’s information. With the help of address book we can [...]

How to Disable the Auto complete feature in Outlook 2013?


Outlook 2013 provides a feature of Auto Complete.  It is feature that helps us to show the suggestions of E-mails addresses and names. It automatically fills fields of TO or CC when you start typing and possible entries display about what you have entered. User can select the recipient name from the drop down list [...]

How to Create Conditional Formatting Rule in Outlook 2013?

Conditional Formatting Rule in Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook 2013 provides feature to user with new name known as Conditional Formatting. This feature is also called automatic formatting in Outlook 2010. Conditional Formatting permits us to modify the appearance of our messages which show in the Inbox. This command shows unread messages as Bold by default but we can add our own [...]


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