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How a Company Page on LinkedIn Can Be Customized?


LinkedIn is the professional website of Social media. The main focus of this site is to pay attention to businesses and associates. This website permits us to make a link with personnel, find out opportunities related to job and as well as for business also. LinkedIn have various directories and many companies discovered their value [...]

How LinkedIn Group Can Be Quitted?


LinkedIn is a website which does it main focus on Professionalism. This website provides the feature of Groups. These Groups are the best place to meet with people. In Groups people connect with each other of same Professions and Interests. If members of any Group changed their profession or interest then they have to quit [...]

How to Apply Keyboard Shortcut Feature in Dropbox?


Dropbox is an Online Storage App. This App permits us to upload, transfer and approach files from Mobiles and Desktop. This App offers both free and paid services for us. Dropbox easily installed in Windows 8, Linux, BlackBerry, Android and Apple Devices. We can use Dropbox also with help of Keyboard Shortcuts. These shortcuts are [...]

How to Insert WeFollow in Twitter Account?


WeFollow basically is list of Interests that organized alphabetically for the Users of Twitter. WeFollow directory is an effective feature which we can add to our Twitter account. This feature provides simple, unique designs and accessible pages which can refresh easily. Homepage of WeFollow directory shows the list of most popular users of Twitter. It [...]

How to Create iDevices Backup Via iCloud Manually?


Apple provides iCloud, an effective service of Storage to its devices whether it is iPhone, iPad or iPod. Its Storage capacity is round about 5GB. The benefit of creating backup to iCloud is that we can access any file or folder, images, media files at any time anywhere in the World. iCloud create backup on [...]

How to Deactivate Notifications of Facebook Places on iPhone?


iPhone provides the feature of push notifications of Facebook Places. Push Notifications give us alerts about the update and something new which happen in our different accounts. When we install Facebook in our iPhone and enable it push notifications, this feature automatically give updates. But sometimes these notifications about places creates disturbance and also irritate [...]

How to Set Different Types of Channel to YouTube Account?


YouTube provides the facility of creating account on it. It also facilitates us by giving different types of channels. Channels are basically types of YouTube account.  By default we have Youtuber account type on YouTube. YouTube provides a list of different channels. For example if we select comedian type of channel, this channel gives us [...]

How to Upload YouTube Videos with FFWD Player to Facebook Page Automatically?

Upload Videos on Facebook with FFWD player

Facebook and YouTube are most commonly used websites all over the World. Sometimes we like any video on YouTube and we want it to share with our friends on Facebook. For uploading a video on our Facebook page automatically we use a player named as FFWD. FFWD stands for Fast Forward. This is basically used [...]

How to Quickly Jump to Date in Outlook 2013?


To search out particular date in the calendar of Outlook, you can navigate all weeks and months. You can also save time by using “Go to Date function” and insert a date where want to go. Whorush: 2 sites by this AdSense ID User can also leap to date using Date related phrase like “14 [...]

How to Mark a Presentation as Final in PowerPoint 2013?

Steps for Mark as Final in Outlook

In MS office you can prevent Presentation from changing and modifying data. By marking presentation as final in PowerPoint 2013, you are showing to viewers that presentation is final.   Mark as final command helps us to secure presentation from the unintended changes from other persons. When desired file mark as final, typing, editing commands [...]


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