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How to Use Custom Dictionaries in Word 2013?

Usage of Custom Dictionary2

MS Word provides the facility to user for spelling checking as they typed in Word. Speller checker compare words in your document with the Main dictionary. This dictionary contains some common names not include technical terms.   Word can use different custom dictionaries to check spellings of document. Words can be easily added in Custom [...]

How to Create Database Without Using Template in Access 2013?

Creating database without templates2

In the business field people mostly used template for creating their first database, but actually this is not the option which database administrator used. Sometimes templates don’t match with the requirements of business so user should create database according to business needs which is going to be very suitable and easily understandable by other persons. [...]

How to Turn Off or disable Apps Switcher, Charms bar and Hot Corners in Windows 8?


Windows 8 originate a lot of considerable features But Hot Corner is one of them. This advanced feature help user to easily access to Settings and Apps. They are the four edges and center of attraction of the Screen basically which shows Charm bars, Apps Switchers and Start tiles when we bring cursor over the [...]

How to navigate directly from one table to another table in Word 2013?

MS Word jumping to previous table

Microsoft Word 2013 permits the user to move freely in whole document and easily find the text or page where we want to go. Using Find and Replace option, we can easily move and find the required text of pages. Whorush: 2 sites by this AdSense ID In the financial and daily calculation of business [...]

How to use custom filters in Microsoft Excel 2013?

Filter option-1

Microsoft Excel 2013 brings feature of filtering the data. Filters are useful option that helps us to analyze the results by narrowing our search. Moreover, Filtering is a way that you can use Excel to quickly extract certain data from your workbook. It actually hides the data that don’t meet the criteria you defined. Auto [...]

How to Mark a Presentation as Final in PowerPoint 2013?


In MS office you can prevent Presentation from changing and modifying data. By marking presentation as final in PowerPoint 2013, you are showing to viewers that presentation is final.   Mark as final command helps us to secure presentation from the unintended changes from other persons. When desired file mark as final, typing, editing commands [...]

How to Run Useful Secret Codes of Nokia?


Every phone whether it is smartphone or old one they have some secret codes. These codes are hidden which we used for finding out the purpose of troubleshooting, shortcuts, general settings and IMEI etc. Furthermore Nokia is the most commonly used handset manufacturers and largest seller all over the world. These Nokia mobiles have also [...]

How to Add Five Useful Icons on Desktop of Window 8?


Windows 8 desktops shows only three icons when we first time access the desktop after installing operates system. The default icons are Recycle Bin, File Explorer and Internet Explorer. Top left corner is location of Recycle bin. Internet and File Explorer lives at the left corner of taskbar. These icons are not enough for working [...]

How to Drag and Drop in Excel 2013?


Microsoft describes drag and drop feature in many of its applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.  It is first and easy editing method instead of cutting and pasting. Drag and Drop feature means to move cells entries anywhere in the worksheet. When we use this option and take our mouse pointer to the end of [...]

How to Create a Constant Formula in Excel 2013?


Microsoft Excel 2013 facilitates its users with the feature of formulas. While working in large amount of calculations and their total results would found by applying formulas. Formulas includes cell ranges or references whether addition, subtraction, multiplication or division going to be performed. Cell ranges means the address of the cell where it is located. [...]


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